Pseudo Self

A reader asked me, after my last post, what the difference is between engaging in reciprocity and people pleasing. This is a great question, and it gave me the subject for this week’s blog. First, I want to answer that question. Reciprocity minus authenticity equals people pleasing. If we’re engaged with others authentically, we naturally […]


I went to a self-defense class last weekend, and it changed everything. I’ve been thinking about self-defense a lot lately.  In the past month or two I came across a book by Kelly McCann titled Combatives For Street Survival, illustrated throughout with photographs. That book opened up a whole new world to me. Not only […]

Authentic Connection

I noticed that last week’s blog on authentic feminine power  quickly became my most read post to date, perhaps confirming my suspicion about how hungry women are to reclaim real power. This week, my partner shared a short video clip with me that talks about manufactured consent. This morning, as we cooked breakfast together, My […]