The Limits of Expectations

Last week I wrote about stories.  This week I want to discuss a powerful element embedded in the stories  we tell ourselves—the element of expectations. This subject is too big and complicated for me to address in a single blog.  It touches on parenting, every aspect of relationship, and really every aspect of our experience, […]

In the Void

I’m fascinated with thresholds, the ground between us, the spaces between, and the edge of chaos. The void between one thing and another is filled with unknown possibility. Tarot cards appeared in the fourteenth century, when they were used primarily for play. Sometime in the eighteenth century, the cards began to be used for cartomancy. […]

Unconditional Love

I’ve noticed that I’ve been using the term “unconditional love” in some of my most recent posts. I wondered why. I’ve never thought much about the term, or what it means, until the last year or so. One of the things I most appreciate about life is the fascinating journey of it all. When I […]