The Limits of Expectations

Last week I wrote about stories.  This week I want to discuss a powerful element embedded in the stories  we tell ourselves—the element of expectations. This subject is too big and complicated for me to address in a single blog.  It touches on parenting, every aspect of relationship, and really every aspect of our experience, […]


I’ve been considering confidence for some time through the lens of minimalism. As I transition from clearing unneeded objects from my life (relatively easy) to clearing unwanted behavior patterns, habits and beliefs from my life (hard!), I follow the same basic tenets: How can I replace two or more similar but limited internal tools with […]

Being Social For Social Beings

On the heels of last week’s post about unplugging, I had a conversation with friends about social media and what, exactly, it means to be social. What is a healthy balance of social and solitary? How do we determine if our social lives are appropriate? Predictably, I want to start this exploration with definitions, all […]